Tour Operators

A luxury river cruise on the Mekong, a once-in-a-life-time train journey in Africa, an expedition through the Amazon – if you sell an outstanding travel product, you should promote it in a special way.

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No matter if a boutique hotel, a wilderness lodge, a luxury resort or an oceanfront guesthouse – you certainly want to highlight your unique location, exceptional service, magic destination and the exciting next-door activities for your guests.

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Your are selling an adventure, attraction or any touristic activity? Your youtube channel urgently needs a push? Check out some films your competitors are already using!

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Visionloft has worked with numerous NGOs visualizing their mission to protect threatened species and habitat. From the Namib desert in Africa to British Colombia’s wild West Coast to the rain forest in Ecuador.

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Take advantage of the game changing drone technology and shoot aerials for a fraction of the usual costs. It allows completely new perspectives and shots never seen before!

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Why Video?

Online video content is an essential marketing tool for any business in the travel and tourism industry. Video is not the future of content marketing – it is the here and now. Two-thirds of online marketers have already incorporated video content into their strategic planning.

Videos are an absolute must for Social Media Marketing. With YouTube attracting over two billion views a day and Facebook pushing video content, the internet is perfect for streaming. Tourism companies in particular have a million exciting stories to tell and visual story telling is vital for the industry. Visionloft has the experience, state of the art camera equipment and the know-how to get your video up and running.

Professional videos can entice potential explorers, teasing their thirst for adventure with shots of exotic animals, or appealing to their sense of beauty with breathtaking panoramas. But most importantly, video can increase the number of visitors to a hotel or tour operator’s website.

Why Visionloft?

Visionloft is dedicated to providing high-quality video content that is tailor-made for small and medium-sized companies in the travel and tourism industry – all at an affordable price.

Visionloft’s founder, Michael Altenhenne, is a seasoned videographer and foreign correspondent. As a television journalist he has exhaustive experience telling stories in over 90 countries with just a camera and himself. No bulky equipment, no big teams, no big budgets.

Michael is also a social media whiz who knows how to tap the potential of visual storytelling online.