This will be one of the most exciting projects I have ever done: filming at seven remote bird reserves in different regions of Colombia, the country with the biggest variety of bird species in the world – more than 1850! Working as a videographer for the NGO Proaves ( will give me the privilege to explore remote areas, mountains and forests during this 5-week-journey through Colombia by plane, bus, jeep and boat. One of my objectives is to highlight the challenges of the rangers and experts on the ground, these hard-working local people who really do the day-to-day conservation in order to protect the amazing biodiversity of Colombia. And there is a great need to protect it – as positive the economic progress might seem in the business section of the media, as catastrophic it is in many places for Colombia’s wildlife and natural wonders.

In many locations I will be off the grid and without coverage, but I will try to post as much as possible throughout this journey. Sharing Colombia’s beautiful biodiversity!