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Take your online marketing, webpage and social media content to the next level: no matter if a boutique hotel, a wilderness lodge, a luxury resort or an oceanfront guesthouse – you certainly want to highlight your unique location, exceptional service, magic destination and the exciting next-door activities for your guests. There is no better way to bring your message across than using video.

Visionloft has produced videos for a wide variety of clients all over the world, mostly at the higher end of the hospitality market. “High-end” does not automatically mean luxury or expensive, but it always means unique, exclusive and off the beaten track. Therefore, every video is like a taylor-made suite: it has to fit to the needs and budget of every individual company or marketing manager.

Producing a video does not mean to stop operations and bring in Hollywood-style equipment blocking your lobby and shying away your guests. Videography is the perfect solution to produce a professional film in a “non-invasive” way. Often one person is enough, you don’t need a crew.

Film production prices have come to very affordable levels together with the right technology which is accessible to many people today. However, it still needs a professional eye to operate this technology. Just because your kitchen is state-of-the-art does not mean gourmet dining is guaranteed.

Working with Visionloft, means working with an experienced, motivated all-rounder, who will not keep you away from your day-to-day duties.

What clients say

Michael was professional, creative and overall great to work with. We are extremely happy with the final video he created for our resort and it is exactly what we envisioned. He worked well with our staff and amongst our guests, kind and not intrusive. We would definitely recommend him to others seeking high quality video services.
Danielle Stothers, Sales & Marketing Manager, Black Rock Oceanfront Resort, Canada