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Michael Altenhenne is an all-rounder. As a filmmaker and videographer with an eye for the right frame and the right moment, he can capture wildlife at its most natural and landscapes at their most magnificent. As a trained journalist he also has an ear for the right phrase; he has worked as a reporter and international correspondent in hotspots around the around world for over 15 years. His job has taken him to more than 90 countries shooting stories on topics from globalisation, to the Olympics, to the current conflict in eastern Ukraine.

But travel and nature documentaries are his true love: recent projects have included films on the Silk Road in Central Asia and whale conservation off Vancouver Island. By marrying his filmmaking skills with his journalistic abilities, Michael has pioneered the concept of the “documotion” a combination of documentary and promotional videos used to great effect in films like the “Mekong River Cruise” and “Transsiberian by Private Train”, a youtube “blockbuster” with over a million plays.

A German by birth, he fulfils all the clichés about perfectionism. As well as his native language, he speaks fluent English, Spanish and Russian.